Screw New Year’s Resolutions…2019 changes


As you can tell, I hate New Year’s resolutions. They’re fleeting and make you feel bad when you don’t accomplish them. If you want to read more about why resolutions suck, you can read more at Hello Giggles.So instead of making resolutions, I set goals for the new year; goals I started working towards last year. The vision is to streamline my processes while accurately documenting my progress. This also means that I will be more focused on finding my voice and less on cranking out a post every week.

1. Finding my voice

This is my primary focus for this blog. Until now, things have been scattered, but this blog is more for me and my journey. It started out like that, then I lost sight of that in my stress to post so often. That being said, if there is a drastic change in my verbiage and the tone and flow of my posts, this is why.My ultimate goal is to have a written log of my journey that I can look back on many years from now. I love to journal and this is my way of keeping a log. If people read it, that’s fine, if they don’t I’m fine with that too.

2. New posting schedule

I started this blog late last year and the original goal was to post every week. This was ambitious of me. It takes me a week to plan, research and write the topic, then I forget about it for 2-3 days before I review. This lets me review with fresh eyes but puts me into a second week, sometimes a third.Consistency is key so I’m adjusting for the two-week timeline. This also works better with my personal schedule and I don’t feel rushed to provide something before the end of every week.

3. Original photos

Starting a blog is hard, it’s even harder to find or take photos for it. This year, I will begin to replace stock photos with original images from my practice. I feel this will give you a better idea of what I do and the struggles I experience. Now, keep in mind, my photography skills are a little rusty. Please be patient during this transition.I anticipate incorporating these images in the next few months. These will include shots of the gym, live grappling, instruction, seminars, and overall fun. The next few months will give me time to work out the details with my instructors while building a repository of images for future use.These images will be used in posts, on Facebook, and potentially Instagram (still thinking this one through). It’s one thing to read about my experiences and quite another to actually see it. I also think the visuals will add more “pizzaz” to the site.

4. More activity on social media

Since starting this blog, I have learned a lot about writing and social media. It’s not enough to just post regularly, you need to be active on your social media outlets as well. While I will be posting more on Facebook, I am still toying with the idea of an Instagram account. This would primarily house the shots I take outside of my own training. I would like to provide you with more visuals to accompany the topics I discuss. It’ll also give you some insight into the art and what to expect.I also see a lot of inspirational posts, quotes, and images that will help keep me on track and focused. Motivation and inspiration are essential for some days.

5. Keeping it real

If I’m honest with myself, I’ve been writing with my readers in mind and less about what has actually been going on. Jiu-jitsu has highs and lows, not including them would be a disservice to myself and any readers who happen upon my blog. Each post should focus on what experiences I’ve had, how I’m feeling and any new things that happen.While I want this blog to be successful, it is important that I accurately document my progress. This log also keeps track of my thoughts, feelings, and goals as I progress through the levels. In fact, I have decided to start a new category that documents my experience through each stripe and belt (white belt coming soon).Unfortunately, I wasn’t tracking my progress as a white belt or when I receive my blue. My first post will contain everything I can remember from my white belt, and the second post will cover blue to second stripe blue (my current rank).