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I'm Andrea

I’m a wife, mother, and everyday mild-mannered suburbanite woman by day. By night I double as an aspiring jiu-jitsu badass.

Welcome to Jiu-Jitsu Kisses!

A monthly blog for regular women where I share inspiration, encouragement, life tips, training stories and struggles of my journey towards black belt.

Remember...Today Can Be Amazing

{Warrior On A Mission}

Read about the creepy experience I had as a teenager that prompted me to find a self-defense art that actually works.

{Technique & Perseverance}

Some kick-ass schools I've been to that offer a variety of training options and are just plain fun!

{To Pink Or Not To Pink}

What to wear? The plain white gi? The gi with the cute pink flowers? Or the minimalistic gi with the blue patches?

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{Pictures & Videos COMING SOON!}

Everyone has a story, and I like to share mine with pictures! You never know what you'll find in here.

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Jiu-Jitsu Kisses

The love bites your GI gives you.

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