Fuji Sports Blossom Gi (pink)

Overall thoughts

This was my first GI outside the standard-issue you purchase at most gyms. Of the three Gis I currently own, this is by far my favorite. I did accidentally purchase it a size too small, but at the right size, I wouldn’t have anything bad to say about it. When my current one needs replacing, I plan to purchase another one of these at the correct size. I really enjoyed the tapered waist and the minimal fabric overall. I’m also a sucker for soft fabric and really liked that this never felt stiff, even after washing. 


Price: $$$

Status: Retired. 

Due to being a size too small, I retired this Gi early because it doesn’t allow for weight changes (we all experience it ladies, no shame in that). However, my daughter also does jiu-jitsu and she’s very close to being able to wear it. So, for the time being it is retired until it can be handed down.

Material: I love the material and the weave of this Gi; extremely durable but very flexible. I loved putting this on right after a wash knowing there wouldn’t be that weird stiff feeling. 

Shape: This was definitely built with women in mind. It tappers very nicely at the waist giving nice clean lines and a Gi that feels like it was custom made for you. No more extra bulk or bunching in your mid-section with a better range of motion and there’s less for opponents to grab.

Reinforced knees: The knees are reinforced and extremely durable. The knees always wear out on my Gis and after nearly a year, they still look brand new. 



Take these with a grain of salt. As stated above, my Gi was a size too small. 

Narrow sleeve cuffs: I’ve listed this as a con because I found it extremely difficult to grab hold of my cuff for certain chokes. This is most likely due to the smaller size, but compared to my other Gis, the sleeve cuffs are just narrower in general. 

Top a little too short: This is a little contradictory to my comment above, but due to this being a size too small, I couldn’t grab the ends of my Gi top to use on MY opponents either. 


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