Kingz Classic White Gi

Overall thoughts

This is my second Gi and we made sure to purchase this one size larger than my Pink Gi (read more about that here). This is my daily gi and especially enjoy the greater range of motion and that if my weight fluctuates (don’t lie! we all experience it ladies), I won’t feel fat in my Gi or feel that I’m restricted in some way.

I highly recommend this gi if you’re looking for something affordable and durable. 


Price: $$

Status: In use

Material: Thick durable 450 GSM Pearl weave on the top and 10oz cotton drill on the pants. I found the top to be incredibly stiff after hanging to dry, but 10 minutes in the dryer with no heat softens it right up.  

Shape: This has more of the standard boxy cut (at least that’s how it looks on me), but it’s super easy to shrink it closer to your size. The shoulders are cut for an increased range of motion and flexibility. Due to the extra fabric, there is plenty for you to grab hold of at your sleeve cuffs and at the bottom of Gi top. 

Reinforced knees: Again, this is always a bonus as this tends to be one of the first things to go on most Gis. Double layered, but not uncomfortable. 

Minimal Designs: I’m a minimalist when it comes to Gis. I don’t like a lot of flair or tons of bright patches and designs. 



The top came super large: We made sure to purchase the correct size after we discovered the pink gi was too small, however, when I put the top on to size it, we realized it was massive! Thankfully, Kingz includes easy to follow directions on how to shrink your Gi. After a few cycles through the dryer, we had the perfect fit. 

There were no issues with the pants. I’m 5’7” and they were the perfect length and after a year, very minimal shrinking from washing (we never put our Gis through the dryer unless we’re intentionally shrinking it).

Tons of extra fabric: Extra fabric means great opportunities for opponents. Not really a drawback, unless you’re very lean (I’m on the curvy side). Just be aware that your Gi might provide additional choke opportunities.


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